The Jetty.

A long exposure from Agios Isidoros at the island Lesvos. No problem when using the ND-filter 10 stop from B&V. Lesvos is one of my favourite destinations in Greece. Its beauty and simplicity, and the lightning on this beautiful island makes photographing its nature and surroundings easy. There are absolutely no problems to find something to shoot.


More photos from my trip to Lesvos HERE

It’s been a while since I’ve posted but now I’m back on the track after some busy weeks here in Copenhagen.


Heading for the Greek Island Lesvos for some long exposure, street, and landscapes photography. Can’t wait to get away from the rainy Danish summer. This is my first trip to the island with my Fuji-gear and it’s going to be a fantastic week to try to capture the island without worrying about too much weight on the flight.


I will try to upload some to the blog during the next week. There will also be uploaded pictures on my website



Fujifilm X-T1

I’m probably not the only one who loves the wheels on Fujifilm X-T1. But why? Well I am one of those who better understand and find it easier to work with wheels than buttons. And on my lenses, I just love the fact that I can see from the top what apperture I’m using. I don’t know why I prefer this, perhaps it is my brain that is a bit tricky but when I look at the motive and study the light-conditions I then look down on my camera, and I know what settings to use and it’s easier for me to understand the settings.


FX 90 MM.

Most of my friends and colleges use their smartphone / Tablet to make notes, and they use their calendar there as well. Then they synchronise with their pc’ or Mac. I’m just not use to that and still use my Filofax and make my notes in notebooks from Moleskine. Perhaps I’m just hopelessly Old-Fashion.




I love to capture people in their own environment. To do this I need a camera works well with high ISO because I do not use flashes during this type of photography secondly, I need lenses that works fast. My favourite lens is the XF-35 mm. f/2 It’s fast, and I am close enough to communicate with the person I’m portraying.  I was asked why I do not have the f/1,4 and I must say after I tried it I found it slow and the autofocus was very noisy f/2 is also smaller and for me, size matters.


For shooting on longer distances I love the XF-90 mm. f/2 It needs more light than the 35 mm but by turning up the ISO it works well. I’m not a fan of using high ISO but with the Fuji X-T1 I’m able to use ISO up to 6400 without any problem at all.


Christian copy

For the next couple of weeks I’m going to make some more portraits, on the streets and also at restaurants and bars.

Brake of day.

I just love the nights and the brake of day when I only wait for the sun to rise. As I’m listening to some old records by Leonard Cohen. Thursday mornings are often like this. Waiting, waiting for love, the next opportunity to travel, where to travel and what to capture when and if.


Right now, I look at the world through stripes. Waiting for it to wake up. Have a great Thursday.

The transition to Fuji

I have been photographing for as long as I can remember. In 2005 I switched over to digital and bought the Nikon D-70, since I already had used the Nikon previously I felt comfortable with the system, and I also had some equipment laying around that I could use. Some years later I bought the Nikon D2X and at that time this was the top of the pop.


I do not like to brag about my camera-gear because the camera does not take the good picture, the photographer takes it. But it sure helps to have a fast and reliable tool to work with. Cameras today are cheaper, and the quality gets better. And I’m getting older and when my Nikon D2X was about to be worn out I decided to get a mirrorless camera. I was looking at the Nikon Df but I think the price was too high and when it comes to firmware updates there were a lack of this as in all other products from Nikon.


A few years back I had a test on the Fujifilm X-T1 and was impressed about the light-weight its sharpness and how fast this camera was. My only issue was its size but I knew I could compromise with it. A month ago, I got my hand on a brand-new Fuji X-T1 with a 18-55 mm. Kit. I also got my hand on a XF90MM/WR F/2, and the XF35MM/WR F/2.


I often take my photos at night or late evening and this is where the X-T1 surprizes me most. Its ISO and how it delivers a great result without noise. I love this camera and look forward to do some blogging here at these pages.


Thanks for reading.