The transition to Fuji

I have been photographing for as long as I can remember. In 2005 I switched over to digital and bought the Nikon D-70, since I already had used the Nikon previously I felt comfortable with the system, and I also had some equipment laying around that I could use. Some years later I bought the Nikon D2X and at that time this was the top of the pop.


I do not like to brag about my camera-gear because the camera does not take the good picture, the photographer takes it. But it sure helps to have a fast and reliable tool to work with. Cameras today are cheaper, and the quality gets better. And I’m getting older and when my Nikon D2X was about to be worn out I decided to get a mirrorless camera. I was looking at the Nikon Df but I think the price was too high and when it comes to firmware updates there were a lack of this as in all other products from Nikon.


A few years back I had a test on the Fujifilm X-T1 and was impressed about the light-weight its sharpness and how fast this camera was. My only issue was its size but I knew I could compromise with it. A month ago, I got my hand on a brand-new Fuji X-T1 with a 18-55 mm. Kit. I also got my hand on a XF90MM/WR F/2, and the XF35MM/WR F/2.


I often take my photos at night or late evening and this is where the X-T1 surprizes me most. Its ISO and how it delivers a great result without noise. I love this camera and look forward to do some blogging here at these pages.


Thanks for reading.


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