Fujifilm X-T1

I’m probably not the only one who loves the wheels on Fujifilm X-T1. But why? Well I am one of those who better understand and find it easier to work with wheels than buttons. And on my lenses, I just love the fact that I can see from the top what apperture I’m using. I don’t know why I prefer this, perhaps it is my brain that is a bit tricky but when I look at the motive and study the light-conditions I then look down on my camera, and I know what settings to use and it’s easier for me to understand the settings.

FX 90 MM.

Most of my friends and colleges use their smartphone / Tablet to make notes, and they use their calendar there as well. Then they synchronise with their pc’ or Mac. I’m just not use to that and still use my Filofax and make my notes in notebooks from Moleskine. Perhaps I’m just hopelessly Old-Fashion.


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